Digital accounting

The key to your future growth

We help analogical businesses to automate and digitize billing, recurring payments and interaction processes with their customers.

If you have a turnover up to 3 million euros, structuring your reality with automation is the next step towards growth.


The right time

to think about automation

If before you were taking business decisions and now the decisions are taking you, it's time to structure and optimize every business process.

Leaving the difficulty of solving cyclical problems to the automation will allow you to have more free time and above all to concentrate the workforce on customer services and quality control.

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Increase the net income


The right way

to proceed with automation

We don't provide a simple consultancy, we provide a system that analytically allows us to study your business model in order to adapt it to the automation of billing, recurring payments and post-planning of services paid by customers.

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What will change ?


How you work now

Each traditional business typically presents this production chain

1. Service provision

You provide your services to the customer, by prepaying the costs of supply and personnel employed

2. Send invoice

Your accounting department sends the invoice to the customer, hoping it will be punctual in payments as you have been in your work.

3. Verify payment

The accounting staff performs follow-up of customers who pay late or even try not to pay for the service received.

How you will work in future

after our reprogramming of business procedures

1. Registration to the website

The customer registers to your website and orders the service requested, or subscribes if your business model provides a periodic renewal.

2. Payment and billing

The customer pays the service ordered using the payment method chosen by him and receives the invoice automatically.

3. Service provision

Upon payment, proceed with the provision of the service, saving all the management of invoicing and any outstanding payments.

Renewals and recurring payments

If your business provides a service with periodic renewal everything will be even easier

1. Customer receives an email

The subscriber customer receives an email during the renewal period, in order to remind the deadline and proceed to the next payment.

2. Payment or cancellation

The customer pays for the service renewal and receives the invoice automatically. If the payment is not done the service is suspended.

3. Service provision

Upon payment, you proceed with the provision of the service, saving all the management of billing and any cancellations.

Quite often entrepreneurs are telling for a thousand of reasons that this type of innovation is not applicable to their business. The reality is that there are no exceptions and if you don't proceed to evolve your business through reprogramming, your competitors will do it first and then it will be late.

Better quality

For your customer services

Automating the billing and payment processes will allow you to retrain some of the accounting staff to move it to customer services and quality control.

This improvement will also be perceived by your client, who will receive more attention and consequently a better service.

And when loyal customers get a much better service, they are willing to pay for it a little more.

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Will turnover increase ?


Better customers

for your high quality services

In addition to cutting bureaucracy, the automation of billing and payment process has in general positive and unexpected effects also in terms of customer quality.

In fact, providing a better service will inevitably attract customers of a higher quality segment, while problematic customers who have often had problems with payments will be lost on the street.

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How to proceed ?



the business processes

All automation operations will require a personal reprogramming phase, even before the company's one. And our experience will help you.

We will help you plan and manage the migration process of your customer from the old to the new work system.

This process can take from a few months to 2 years depending on the size of the company, the loyalty and the habits acquired by customers.

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Ok, let's begin


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Partnerships give the best results

Strategic consulting

We provide to small businesses the tools and the skills of the big multinationals, to allow them to compete on equal terms in the premium segment.


We have developed an approach dedicated to internationalize in the EU market companies with turnover up to 3 million euros.

Tax rate optimisation

We help you to know and adopt the most convenient tax strategy for your business, in compliance with current legislation.

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