Cloud Mining

New opportunities of passive income

The cryptocurrencies are the first global financial ecosystem, autonomous and decentralized.

The real revolution is that they are legal but they are not governed by a nation or a institution.

Mining is a structural requirement of this new ecosystem and is a profitable activity.

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A different money

based on solid moral values

In global finance, central banks govern monetary devaluation, adjusting market values to their own discretion.

In cryptocurrencies, the new currency emission rules are written in an open source algorithm and they are incorruptible and equal for everybody.

The mining democratically allows you to contribute to the writing of new transactions and to receive a reward for this task.

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What does mining mean ?


Mining the Blockchain

What it means in simple words

Each cryptocurrency has a public transaction ledger called blockchain.

The blockchain is present in multiple copies on the internet and is written using an open source cryptographic algorithm.

The miner contributes, by using this algorithm, to write the new transactions in the blockchain, in order to make them effective and immutable.

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Why in cloud ?


Why in cloud ?

It's the thoughtless solution

Your cloud mining is a passive income that produces and earns for you even when you sleep.

You don't need to buy, maintain and update expensive dedicated hardware, and you don't have to worry about the energy costs.

Stay focused on your business, today you can rent everything in european clouds.

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How do I earn ?



Your daily production

Your cloud produces every day a reward in bitcoin that you receive in your wallet.

By buying the right contract of cloud mining at the best time, the gain can be very advantageous.

When you decide to move your bitcoins to a bank account, you convert to euro reevaluated by a volatile but strong growth rate. In 2017 the bitcoin has increased its value of +1600%, while in 2016 it was only tripled.

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How complicated is it ?


Simple for you too

Thanks to our added value

We don't sell our own cloud mining solutions. Our work consists in analyze the market daily.

We invest personally to test all the solutions of the main farms and perform an accurate analysis of profitability.

That's why everything is simple with us. You decide the budget, rent a determined calculation power with a yearly contract, and with us you learn to optimize it in a few minutes a week.

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How do I start ?


To begin

You will receive everything you need in 3 easy steps

1. Choose the contract

We help you to analytically choose the most profitable cloud mining solution, in order to start your production in less than 24 hours.

2. Get the Starter Kit

We configure and teach you everything you need to send and receive payments in cryptocurrency and change bitcoins into euros.

3. Online Community

Get access to the exclusive online community for our customers, where we'll tell you how to keep your mining optimized.

Stay updated in the Community

The way we help you to keep your mining profitable.
You will find all this added value in the exclusive community dedicated to our customers

Exchange Opportunities

Receive alerts on bitcoin/euro exchange rates, to take advantage of moments when it could be particularly profitable.

Purchase Opportunities

We advise you when a cloud mining contract is discounted or is particularly advantageous thanks to a favorable bitcoin/euro exchange.

Pools' profitability

We monitor the profitability of all the mining pools weekly, in order to ensure you always rely on the most profitable one.

This information content is not an investment solicitation and we do not deal with mining or financial management on behalf of our customers, nor with the sale or allocation of mining hardware. Our work of market analysis and technical advice on cloud mining products is to be considered a value-added service dedicated to investors who are fully aware. Before relying on us, we expressly request our customers to independently inform themselves from multiple sources, in order to be absolutely certain and autonomous in the decision to invest their capital in activities that involve risks and opportunities depending on the evolution of market conditions.

Think of the Future

The right moment is now

If you are going through a phase in your life in which thinking about future is important, then this is the opportunity you were waiting for.

Being early adopter of a new fast-growing technology such as cryptocurrencies will also give you a significant advantage, also economic, when such technology will become commonly used.

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