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Take the opportunity of cryptocurrencies

To be early adopter of a new technology already today will mean being established in the future when this technology will be in common use.

Our goal? Help you to adapt your business to new blockchain and cryptocurrencies payment technologies.

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The familiarity of use and the awareness of the advantages will come with time, but with our help you will start immediately to accept payments.

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And the price volatility?


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Convert to euros automatically

If you don't want to store cryptocurrencies because of their volatility, you can always accept and convert them automatically and immediately into euros.

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We strongly believe in blockchain technology and we want you to start believing too.
For this you will receive all the tools and assistance that will allow you to operate immediately.

Wallets configuration

We configure the wallets you need to execute cryptocurrency transactions, ensuring that you are the only one to hold the recovery keys.

Exchanges registration

Changing cryptocurrencies in Euro may cost from 0.1% to 5% depending on your market knowledge. With us you will use just the best exchanges.

Anonymity of transactions

We help you to use the addresses and QR codes of your wallet in order to execute your transactions secure and anonymous.

Ecommerce integration

If you own an ecommerce and want to start accepting cryptocurrency payments, our technical department will perform every configuration.

Billing and accounting

We will show you all the regulatory and accounting aspects necessary to operate in compliance with tax legislation in your country.

Cloud mining

We analyze cloud mining profitability, advising you about best farms and pools and keeping you updated in a private online community.

Do it yourself?

Better not in this field!

Among other things, decentralization means financial responsibility of the individual. If you fail to move your cryptocurrencies, this will result in an irreversible loss of your money.

Trust professionals that teaches you to work with awareness and autonomy.

Do you also see the new era of decentralized finance? Then what follows is for you.

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If you believe in cloud mining and purchase a contract inbetween the ones we suggest you, you will get a discount of 5% of the amount spent.

This discount will be deducted from the cost of the intervention that will enable you in 24 hours to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

And if the discount exceeds the price of the technical input, that's for free.

What is cloud mining
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