Increase sales

with a digital management of vendors

We help companies with turnover up to 3 million euros to digitize the sales department, even with affiliate and multi level marketing systems.


Digital evolution

is affecting every sales department

If you have a traditional business that operates in the provision of services then it's better that you pay attention to the following.

Sales department is one of the most important as it brings lifeblood to the business.

Take advantage of new digital technologies in order to structure your sales. Also in multi level marketing or direct marketing with online affiliation.

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Tradition or evolution ?


You will have to decide

if to oppose or adopt the evolution

In any case, the world will not wait for your decision, and when your competitors will do the jump then it will be late.

You can also be the leader in your industry and guarantee the best quality to your customers, but it's only a matter of time before good and structured competitors appear on the market.

This is why it's important to immediately adapt your sales method to digital evolution.

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Is my business adaptable ?


We help you

to understand the new possibilities

We will be by your side to explain how to digitize your current sales process and we will also show you all the new digital sales methods.

After this analysis, we will evaluate together which methods are concretely adaptable to your business, and we will propose for them a turnkey solution, tailored to your needs, that manages every aspect 100% digital.

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How will I work in future ?


The transformation

The key features of your evolution summarized in 6 points

1. Web infrastructure

You will manage sales orders through your website. Salesmen and customers will be registered users and will interact with each other.

2. Affiliate system

You can configure and manage affiliation mechanisms in order to credit a revenue to promoters who generate a sales order.

3. Multi level marketing

You can structure your sales department in network marketing with commissions up to 10 levels of network depth.

4. Revenue automation

For each new order, the revenues of each salesman will be automatically calculated, including multi-level marketing management.

5. Payment automation

Define to do an automated payment to salesmen when a certain threshold is reached, or to control the payments manually.

6. Accounting integration

The sales management system is integrated with an accounting system and this allows you to have a real-time view of your business.

Embracing the future

is still the right choice

Even if you have a traditional business, the digitalization of sales processes will guarantee a better overview of your business.

Partnerships give the best results

Strategic consulting

We provide to small businesses the tools and the skills of the big multinationals, to allow them to compete on equal terms in the premium segment.


We have developed an approach dedicated to internationalize in the EU market companies with turnover up to 3 million euros.

Tax rate optimisation

We help you to know and adopt the most convenient tax strategy for your business, in compliance with current legislation.

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